Intertek provides a comprehensive environmental chemical management approach to help manage and reduce hazardous chemicals throughout your textile and apparel supply chain

Our approach addresses the 3 key areas of the supply chain: training, testing and auditing.

Training: Intertek trains and builds capacity within your supply chain to address chemical regulation issues, chemical and restricted substances list (RSL) management and handling, wastewater management and alternative green chemistries to address the issue at the source.

Testing: Intertek’s Chemical Testing process uses labs in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to ensure banned and high risk chemicals are not being used in your processes and products. This helps ensure your processes and products meet all safety regulations, including the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, REACH and CPSIA, as well as those within your own RSL testing program.

Auditing: Intertek performs onsite and remote desktop audits to identify risk and ensure proper chemical management within a facility. These services help you identify your hazardous chemical risks in order to mitigate and establish chemical management best practices.

Using Intertek’s Environmental Chemical Management solutions, you can meet your stakeholders’ demands to ensure the people within your facilities are educated, and your products and supply chains are moving toward a zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, dyes and other pollutants into lakes, rivers, oceans and soil.

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