Intertek offers a Chemical Management Audit solution to help retailers and brands verify the safe handling and proper disposal of chemicals to promote chemical management best practices throughout the global supply chain network.

The Chemical Management Audit falls under our Environmental Chemical Management Solutions and enables retailers and brands to demonstrate environmental performance and provide transparency across the supply chain while working to achieve zero discharge industry initiatives.

Intertek's Chemical Management Audit process applies chemical expertise to determine a facility baseline risk indicator from which the facility audit can be tailored to meet the customer's specific needs. The Chemical Management Audit includes guidance for:

  • Chemical supply & policy
  • Management practices
  • Health & safety
  • Storage & handling
  • Waste & disposal

Using a web-based platform to perform onsite and remote audits, our Chemical Management Audit approach is the ideal tool for evaluating, tracking and monitoring chemical management performance in factories to ensure overall performance improvements. The Chemical Management Audit offers visibility into the supply chain, the ability to benchmark results across facilities, enables management transparency, promotes consistent messaging across the supply chain, helps to identify process efficiencies and cost savings, assists with green product design and certification and protects reputational risk.

Once a Chemical Management Audit is completed for all activities under the business license and performance criteria is satisfied, the facility receives an Achievement Award to demonstrate the facility's adherence to performance standards. 

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