ZDHC Programme Testing Services

Intertek offers chemical testing services for apparel and footwear brands, retailers and manufacturers to help assure your supply chain does not contain banned and hazardous substances identified by industry initiatives like the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, as well as various state and regional consumer product safety organizations

Intertek is proud to be a contributor to the ZDHC Programme, a major body that is leading the textile, leather and footwear industries to advance towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. As a contributor, Intertek supports ZDHC’s vision of achieving the widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in these industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

Intertek is recognized by ZDHC as a third-party certifier to help companies demonstrate MRSL Level 1 conformance on the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module, an online chemistry database that provides safety and sustainability information about chemicals registered in the database. Intertek laboratories are eligible to certify Level 1 Conformance against ZDHC’s MRSL, facilitating transparency in the supply chain. Intertek tests against the MRSL conformance guidance and assures compliance of the test data with the Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements.

Moving upstream, Intertek has ZDHC-accepted laboratories for wastewater/sludge sampling, testing and data uploading in key garment sourcing and manufacturing regions to ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.

Intertek also provides Environmental Chemical Management Solutions, as well as safety, quality and performance testing services for textiles & apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, activewear and children’s clothing.


ZDHC Programme Audit Solutions

Intertek certifies to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) programme to support the apparel, textile, leather and footwear industries.
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