Intertek provides expert insight and comprehensive solutions for packaging safety

  • proper packaging materials and modes can prevent products from being polluted and keep the features unchanged;
  • chemical elements in the packaging material itself will migrated to the products, and over-limited migration will change the product quality;
  • transportation packaging should withstand different environmental conditions in order to ensure the quality and safety of the products.
  • Intertek China Domestic Market Services provides advisory, testing, training and other services related to national standards on packaging, helping you to succeed in the China market!

    GB 19741 The plastics laminated films and bags using for packaging of liquid foodappearance
    physical and mechanical test
    compound food packaging materials or bags less than 0.2 mm in thickness
    GB 9683 Hygienic standard for composite laminated food packaging bagheavy metal
    tolylene diamine
    evaporation residue
    food bags made with compound materials of paper, plastic film or aluminum foil
    GB 18706 Paper based laminated material for fresh-keeping packaging of liquid foodappearance
    physical and mechanical test
    Sanitation index
    compound materials used for liquid food safety package
    GB 19778 Packaging glass containers- Release of lead cadmium arsenic and antimony-Permissible limitsrelease of lead cadmium
    arsenic and antimonypermissible
    glass wares containing products directly going into human bodies including food, medicine and drinks
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