With and increase in the standard for living, people are paying more attention to the quality of products which are closely related to children's health

In the recent 5 years, the national authorities have amended and completed standards for stationery including mechanical pencil, work book, writing ink, plastic writing case, pencil bag, pencil, white board pen, staple, correction fluid and craft knife, etc, and also continue to strengthen inspections on those products.

Intertek China Domestic Market Services provides advisory, testing, training and other services related to national standards on stationery, helping you to succeed in the China market!

GB 21027 Request in
common use of security
for students articles
toxic elements migration
organic benzene content
formaldehyde Content
sharp point and sharp edge
safety of a pen cap
student stationery used by under age students
including pigment, crayon, plasticine, rubber,
correction tools (correction fluid, correction tape and
correction pen), adhesive, watercolor pen, writing pen,
marking pen, drawing ruler, school bag, pencil bag,
handwork scissors and pencil sharpener, etc.
QB 1336 Crayonsoftening point
toxic elements contents
QB/T 2774 Pencilsize
force of pen point
graphite pencil, color pencil
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