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Intertek PSI

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (Intertek-PSI) is a leading US based provider of construction assurance, testing and inspection in civil and commercial construction. Our broad service offering includes construction materials testing, geotechnical services, environmental engineering, industrial hygiene, and specialty testing.

Intertek-PSI’s national network of offices and laboratories delivers over 30,000 projects per year, including over 5,000 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), over 600,000 concrete cylinder tests, over 580,000 issued reports and a total of over 2 million individual tests performed.

Together, Intertek-PSI and the rest of Intertek's Building & Construction business offer a nationwide Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification portfolio that spans across the entire project lifecycle from initial permitting to demolition.

Some of our core Intertek-PSI disciplines include: Geotechnical Engineering and advanced geophysical engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Environmental Consulting, Building Science Solutions, Industrial Hygiene and Specialty Testing and Engineering. You can learn more about our discipline specific PSI services below.


Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Services

We use a wide range of sampling procedures, destructive and non-destructive testing methods to verify the quality, strength, and durability of construction materials like concrete, asphalt, soils, aggregates, steel, roofing, and masonry.

Geotechnical Engineering, Surveys & Drilling Services

Intertek's Geotechnical Geotechnical Engineering, Surveys & Drilling Services help you determine site characteristics with confidence for your land development project.

Environmental Consulting Solutions

Environmental Services and Testing provide customers with cost-effective solutions to ensure regulation compliance and reduce liabilities.

Engineering & Specialty Testing Services

Engineering & Specialty Testing Services from building code compliance to specialty testing requirements, to product certification and more.

The National Client Program

The National Client Program is our single source project and portfolio management solution for clients looking to procure multiple Intertek-PSI building and construction service offerings across a large regional or national footprint.

Major Projects

Intertek-PSI is committed to developing and delivering solutions for Major Projects that meet the evolving demands and requirements of the country's largest building and infrastructure projects

Intertek PSI Locations

Intertek-PSI can support projects of any size, project type, procurement type, or delivery method with our strategic network of office locations across the US.
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