Unique Partnerships, Opportunities, and Solutions for Today’s Most Ambitious Projects

As an industry leading provider of construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering and drilling, environmental consulting, and specialty testing, Intertek-PSI is committed to developing and delivering solutions that meet the evolving demands and requirements of the country's largest transformative building and infrastructure projects.

Our major projects pursuit team is composed of infrastructure and building engineers, project management, and business development professionals who actively seek, establish, and cultivate mutually beneficial industry partnerships with contractors, owners, design-build firms, and local, state, and federal agencies.

Intertek-PSI delivers over 30,000 projects annually. This includes conducting more than 600,000 concrete cylinder tests, issuing over 580,000 reports, and performing over 2 million individual tests. With 70 plus offices nationwide and over 1700 technical professionals across the country, we ensure successful project execution regardless of the project type, size, delivery method or contracting method.

Our major projects team, executive team, and regional leadership work together to build out customized solutions, utilizing local, regional and national resources, staff, and equipment to meet the demands of the country’s largest capital investment projects. Our extensive resources, capacity, and major project experience enable us to perfectly tailor our services, staffing and equipment response, and scale up our testing capabilities as the project progresses.

Our major projects group possesses the unique ability to establish on-site laboratories that comply with any regulatory accreditations that might be required. Our streamlined roll-out process ensures that an AASHTO accredited field laboratory can be fully set up and operational within 60 to 90 days of our trailer delivery and utility connections. On-site laboratories enhance our testing capacity, offer schedule flexibility, and deliver the fastest possible report turnaround times. Our field testing and sampling, paired with an on-site laboratory can help reduce costs, meet fast-tracked schedules, and minimize the disruptive impacts of quality assurance/control issues and expensive rework.

Regardless of utilizing our on-site laboratories or one of our existing laboratories, our materials testing, quality assurance/control, and geotechnical and environmental solutions mitigate the substantial risks of today’s most ambitious projects and their potential impacts to safety, quality, budgets, and schedules.

We encourage you to connect with our major projects team to learn more and explore potential partnerships and project opportunities.

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