History of Innovation

Intertek’s Building & Construction business line is one of Intertek’s most storied businesses. With roots that date back to the Pittsburgh Testing Lab (PTL) in 1881, we have a history of innovation, customer service, and growth by acquisition.

We have grown significantly through the acquisition of leading industry organizations. Starting in 2005, we purchased Texas-based Omega Point Laboratories (OPL) expanding our fire testing capabilities. In 2013, Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI) joined the family expanding our reach into the building sciences market and adding to our fenestration, thermal, and acoustic capabilities. Most recently, both the Materials Testing (MT) Group and Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) became a part of Intertek in 2015. The additions of these two organizations has allowed Intertek to expand our project services further downstream taking our services out of the lab onto the construction site.

Increased Service Offerings

As we have grown, we have been able to leverage the most desirable qualities of each organization while increasing our service offerings and creating a better customer experience. With each expansion of the Intertek family, our partners have been able to benefit from the synergies inherent with expanded capabilities, gain further access to global and domestic markets, and access a more comprehensive suite of services throughout the building and construction project life cycle.

Our history of innovation, growth, and expanded services has always focused on one thing: our customers. Each acquisition gave us new ways to serve our customers by expanding our footprint and allowing for more market access or providing new service offerings and making for a more comprehensive testing, inspection, or certification process. We look forward to continuing our tireless efforts of working with our customer and industry partners to provide them the most comprehensive solutions.

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