Find out how working together with Regulatory Authorities can make your job easier

Intertek offers several opportunities for manufacturers to certify their building products and systems before, during and after installation. Through manufacturer participation in these programs you can spend less time reviewing and more time keeping people safe.

Safety Certification
With over 80,000 product listings, the ETL Mark is the fastest growing certification program in North America. In conjunction with the Warnock-Hersey Mark, you can recognize that products and systems bearing one, or both, of these marks signify an ongoing commitment to safety and quality

Product Directories

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
As a AHJ trusted partner, we offer you a wide variety of resources at your fingertips that give you the information you need to help you with your job.

Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRRs)
CCRRs provide you the evidence, technical information, and professional evaluation that a product or system complies with code. You can feel confident that your approval is supported by a fully accredited 3rd party testing and certification agency.

Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) Program
Members of our IQP program undergo rigorous training, regular audits, and continuous education. They represent an elite group within the industry and take pride in the quality of their work. You can trust the jobs are being performed to the highest of standards when the personnel has been qualified by Intertek.

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