A Complete Range of Environmental Testing & Inspection Services

Intertek-PSI's extensive environmental offerings help our clients assess their environmental impact, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, protect the health and safety of their employees, create management and remediation plans and more.

There are over 10,000 pages of existing federal regulations and guidelines addressing the protection of public health and the environment. Additionally, each state has its own set of even more stringent environmental health and safety regulations. Understanding, tracking and complying with these complex, ever-changing regulations and guidelines is a major challenge for businesses today. Intertek-PSI’s engineering professionals are here to help. Our staff and laboratories are equipped with the latest tools and methods to lead your environmental project to compliance with any applicable regulations or goals for your business.

Construction, real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, and infrastructure clients select us for our ability to provide accurate and timely environmental testing and analysis and deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for remediation and management. Through a network of nearly 80 offices across the US, we have the national ability to scale to the demand and challenges of any project and nearly every major regulatory program.

Intertek-PSI is an industry leader with national capabilities, a veteran staff and a footprint that provides for a local office, well versed in environmental regulations at every government level.

Addressing Asbestos and Mold Impacts in Storm Damaged Buildings
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