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White Papers

UAE ECAS Compliance: Manufacturer Guidance

Software and Mobile Applications White Paper

Does your App Enrich or Enrage White Paper

Iot and HVACR White Paper

Third Party Testing in an Agile Environment White Paper

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Fact Sheets & Brochures

Intertek NTA Website Cyber Security Brochure

FIPS 140-2 Process and Service Offerings Fact Sheet

Common Criteria Certification Process Fact Sheet

Intertek Cyber Assured Fact Sheet

5G Technology Assurance Solution Fact Sheet

Cyber Security Assurance Service Overview

Network Certification Guides

Guide to PTCRB Certification

Guide to Verizon ODI Process

Guide to Global Certification Forum (GCF)

Guide to CTIA OTA

Smart Appliances Fact Sheet

Software Assurance Service Overview

Going Wireless? Get Connected

Safeguarding Smart HVACR Systems

The New EU Radio Equipment Directive

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Presentations & Webinars

Cyber Security Risk in a Mass Remote Working Environment

Consumer Product Focused Cyber Security Test and Certification Program

Cyber Security Mitigation Measures in Energy Systems

Designed for Security: Mitigating Risk in Life Safety Systems

Securing HVAC/R Products in a Connected World

Designed for Security: Mitigating Cyber Threats to Connected Lighting Products

Designed for Security: Mitigating Cyber Threats to Your Connected Medical Device

Ensuring Interoperability within the IoT

Our Connected World: Interoperability

Our Connected World: Cyber Security

Get Connected Webinar Series:

Internet of Things (IoT) Product Design

Automotive Software Security Webinar Recording

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Cyber Security Services Video

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