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EWA-Canada, which joined the Intertek Group in 2016, has provided industry leading cybersecurity services for over 30 years. Initially serving Defense, Governmental and high security clients, EWA-Canada has expanded into consumer and industrial IoT security testing for consumer, commercial, medical, and industrial products and systems. With cybersecurity experts based in Canada and Sweden, we have the scale and capacity to deliver cybersecurity services at pace to our clients.

EWA-Canada manages all types of projects – Common Criteria and FIPS 140 2/3 validations, product cybersecurity certifications, and payment security offerings. But no matter the size and scope of the project, their people-first approach remains the same. Every decision they make is viewed through the lens of how they help their clients and customers. What does that mean in practice? It means engaging an experienced team, saving clients money with our preventative GAP analysis consultations. It means working hard to improve our customers business concerns from day one, and for decades to come.

EWA-Canada is a leader in their field and is ready to help with all your cybersecurity concerns.

Principal EWA-Canada Services:

Product Cybersecurity:

Accredited by the Canadian scheme and experienced with the US, Swedish, Spanish, and Netherlands schemes; this is required in many countries for ICT products in governmental applications
Cryptography focused standard, a requirement for the US federal government, recommended for the Canadian government and other high risk sectors such as financial institutions
Assessments of connected medical devices, security design reviews, vulnerability assessments, pen testing, and testing to UL2900
Intertek’s consumer product focused test and certification standard, helping meet and exceed IoT requirements such as California SB327
Payment system standards, accredited to assess products such as card payment terminals to the PCI PTS, SPoC, and CPoC standards
A common security standard for Industrial IoT products
Cybersecurity testing of IoT devices and systems to various regulatory requirements, guidelines, and standards
Supply chain security program assessment and certification
Cybersecurity assurance through testing and certification to the EU standard for consumer IoT devices




Certifications issued since ‘99

customers completed certification to FIPS, CC, and PCI schemes

Global security experts across two continents


Network Security:

‘Ethical hacking’ testing for any organizational networks, from schools and hospitals, to multinational corporations. Recommendations given allow clients to fix vulnerabilities before ‘bad actors’ can exploit
Expert evaluation of the security provided by web applications. The process focuses on security weaknesses, technical flaws, and vulnerabilities and results in a determination of potential impacts as well as recommendations for remediation
Specialized operational security services tailored to our clients unique requirements, including operation of custom certificate authorities and cyber threat exchange services
Understanding security risks to an organization, in the context of business operations
Specialist penetration testing focused on operational sites, from factories and process plants, to mines and oil platforms
Leverage a team of forensic examiners ensuring accurate and complete event analysis
A robust IT Security Program is essential for protecting organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats and attacks.


EWA and the Connected World: EWA forms a key part of the Intertek’s Connected World business line, which provides the full suite of services to allow our clients to launch effective, secure connected products into markets anywhere in the world. As well as cybersecurity, Connected World provides connectivity and regulatory (FCC/RED) testing and certification services, and performance and inter-operability services.


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