Identity Management is a complex issue that can be viewed from several perspectives:

  • the credentials that establish your identity,
  • the baseline documents and procedures used by the issuing authorities,
  • the requirements and controls surrounding the creation, management and revocation of the identity management credentials;
  • the relying parties and transaction intermediaries,
  • the security and privacy architectures that underpin the system processes,
  • the physical and logical access controls necessary to use the business applications and
  • the technologies that facilitate use of the credentials (smart cards, tokens etc.)

There are numerous challenges facing an organization looking to implement an identity management application. These challenges have been brought into focus by the ever-increasing number of incidents of identity theft.

Intertek EWA-Canada applies a systems engineering approach to understanding client requirements. This approach is founded in a clear understanding of the threat environment, the security and privacy architecture being used, the technologies being used to support the credentials and the hardware and software being used to connect the individual to the underlying business applications.

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