Intertek EWA-Canada is strategically positioned to offer effective policy, procedural, analytical and technical support to our clients looking for Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) and Certificate Authority(CA) Services. Intertek EWA-Canada has a strong understanding of the various interoperability and governance problems surrounding the Certificate Authorities, directories and certificates. Intertek EWA-Canada has experience in providing guidance, design, assessment and testing of PKI components for governments and private sector. PKI is an enabling technology which can cause many interoperability and governance issues. Intertek EWA-Canada is well positioned to offer guidance and consulting on them.

EWA Canada not only offers a PKI solution service but also expertise in internet banking, card payment and e-commerce services. Intertek EWA-Canada designs, implements and manages a suite of customized applications that are based on universal PKI standards and on a trust management foundation, to provide a secure infrastructure for financial institutions to achieve a certain level of trust in conducting their business transactions.

Intertek EWA-Canada offers several PKI services (eg. authentication, non-repudiation, authorization, access-control-list, privacy) and applications based on various industry standards (EMV, X.509, SET, SPKI, etc).

Intertek EWA-Canada PKI solutions service is aimed at providing a level of assurance to financial institutions that their data is secure.

An appropriate PKI implementation requires a substantial effort from an organization to address many legal, business, communication and technical issues. Intertek EWA-Canada’s strong PKI capability provides a complete solution addressing all facets of the PKI lifecycle:

  • Management consulting, including needs assessments, PKI architecture, PKI project management, PKI documentation and training;
  • PKI systems integration on all platforms. Includes associated X.500 and meta-directory implementation as well as cryptographic token initialization and configuration;
  • Application development using development toolkits from major PKI software companies; and 
  • Trusted third-party hosting services.

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