Electronic Warfare Associates - Canada, Ltd. (an Intertek company) has been accredited by Interac® as a Device Certification Agent DCA under the "Interac Association Device Certification Program". To facilitate the certification of devices, the Interac Association has developed the Third Party Device Certification Program to identify Device Certification Agents (DCA) which are accredited to perform independent validation testing of ABM and IDP point-of-sale terminals (including Secure PIN Entry Devices - IDP SPED) against the Interac® Security Standards.

The Interac Association is responsible for the operation of a Canadian-based national network that facilitates two shared electronic financial services: Shared Cash Dispensing (SCD) at Automated Banking Machines (ABM) and Interac® Direct Payment (IDP), Canada's national debit service. Both of these services are referred to as the Shared Services.

The Interac Association, through its Operating Regulations, sets the Security Standards for terminal devices connected to its two Shared Services. These Operating Regulations require that each Interac Association Member, who deploys or is responsible for deployment of point-of-sale terminals or ABM's, only use device models that are certified as having met the Security Standards.

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