The successful application of new technologies and innovative business processes to achieve a strategic vision is an exciting challenge that has its own unique rewards. Intertek EWA-Canada staff has had the opportunity to work with the true thought leaders in government and industry to develop programs to achieve client visions. Our experience and expertise can provide valuable insight to development of strategic business plans for our clients. The Intertek EWA-Canada team has provided strategic consulting services to the following initiatives:

Independent Reviews

  • Defence Advisory Boards
  • Auditor General advisors
  • International Government / Industry advisory teams (G8)

Procurement Reviews

  • Fairness Monitoring
  • RFP development (including evaluation criteria)
  • Proposal evaluation

Tailored Services

  • Secure Voice

Pilot Projects

  • Information Sharing Portal

Trial Support

  • NATO IR/EO measurement
  • NERC Attack Detection monitoring

International Standards Development

  • International Common Criteria Lab test
  • Cryptographic test standards
  • Smart card standards harmonization
  • ISO standards reviewers

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