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What is Network Security?

Network Security consists of a set of technologies, rules, policies, processes, configurations or practices designed to detect, monitor and protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks, network-accessible resources and data using both software and hardware technologies. Network security involves the authorization of access to an organization's network, as well as the prevention of unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer or organization network. Effective strategies include multiple layers of defense that are automated and scalable.

Why is Network Security Important?

Connectivity and the information revolution have transformed organizational efficiency over the last three decades, with massive benefits to society. But with these developments comes new risks, and effective cybersecurity is critical to your organization's sustainable growth: malware, ransomware, hacking and social engineering, are increasing year on year. Failure to protect properly against these risks can lead to huge reputational damage, large fines under rules such as GDPR, and massive business interruption, sometime leading to complete business failure.

Robust organizational cybersecurity requires a layered approach, using in-house IT teams backed up by external specialists. Key components include network infrastructure penetration testing for both office and operational / manufacturing sites, web application testing, and powerful, engaging training for staff, who are a growing target and weak link in cyber defense.

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Intertek Network Security Solutions

Intertek's network security businesses have over 30 years experience in all facets of cybersecurity, across all types of organizations, from multinational insurance companies and automotive manufacturers, to mining operators and public sector bodies and universities. With a team of 150 professionals, Intertek can support your requirements across the globe. From our centers of excellence in the UK, Canada and Malaysia our teams are well equipped to serve clients in Europe, North America and South East Asia.

Our services are accredited to CREST, including CCT, CRT and CPSA, and PCI ASV, as well other standards including OSCP, COMPTIA Security +, CISSP, GPEN and GWAPT.

Network Security by Service

Penetration Testing for Networks

Ethically hacking websites, devices and infrastructure for security vulnerabilities.

Operational Technology Security Solutions

Operational Technology solutions creating a tailored security testing plan giving you assurance over the cybersecurity of your industrial assets.

Application Security Testing Solutions

Application Security Testing and Certification solutions for mobile and web apps providing security assessments in line with PCI standards.

Cybersecurity & Social Engineering Training

Ensure your employees are cyber aware through personalized training and simulated threats that assess their response.

Network Security by Industry

Cybersecurity for Government & Infrastructure

Extensive experience helping government agencies, emergency services and healthcare providers achieve the required cybersecurity standards

Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Security for the banking, insurance and professional industries.

Cybersecurity for Retailers & Hospitality

A regular program of penetration testing can significantly reduce the chances of your website and back-end operations being down at a critical times

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers & Brands

Actively tests the systems, networks and products involved in or resulting from the manufacturing process

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