Government bodies are investing heavily in bringing the provision of health, education and welfare services into the digital age.

Rapid access to accurate data brings many benefits to the provision of citizen services:

  • easy access to a geographically dispersed user base
  • enhanced service quality through the appropriate sharing and availability of information
  • the ability for agencies to collaborate, track, enforce and protect the rights and regulations of individuals and the state

But keeping this sensitive data secure is equally vital.

Intertek has extensive experience of helping government agencies, emergency services and healthcare providers achieve the required security standards through actively testing the systems and networks that store, process and transmit citizen data to ensure they are securely configured and able to protect the data within.


Our critical infrastructure is made up of essential facilities and systems that individuals, the economy and the state depend on to go about their daily lives.

Providers of infrastructure are embracing technology to develop and strengthen the vital services they offer whilst also delivering cost efficiencies against a backdrop of increasing demand.

The reliable functioning of infrastructure must be protected from the threat of cyber-attack to ensure our national security, economy, public health and safety are not put at risk.

Intertek actively tests the resilience of infrastructure against cyber threats to ensure components such as our water supply, transport systems, financial institutions and telecommunications are securely configured and sufficiently robust to withstand attack.

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