IEC 62443 Certification solutions and Cybersecurity needs for Connected Systems

With the widespread increase of cybersecurity attacks across every business and industry worldwide the costly mitigation measures have caused many industries to predetermine known risks in their products, systems and identify new risk management best practices to weaken potential threats and build trust in security capabilities. The industrial and automation and control systems industries are some of the latest largest targets to hackers and have been targeted significantly within the last 12 months.

IEC 62443 was created for businesses in the industrial and control system industry to adopt best practices and cybersecurity standards for all types of industrial systems.

What is IEC 62443?

IEC 62443 series of standards is an international framework to address and mitigate existing and future cybersecurity vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems. The series of standards was developed by the ISA99 committee and adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), to help suppliers, system integrators, and manufacturers comply with process requirements and to address security concerns along the supply chain.

Why is IEC 62443 important?

A third-party certification of IEC 62443 helps protect against crippling risks that can tarnish your brand reputation and helps lower mitigation costs that can creep up in the hundreds of thousands.  These types of risks include device hijacking, data siphoning, device theft, device spoofing, and data breaches. Challenges of antiquated networks, faulty algorithms, device malfunctions and network connected devices have all increased in IIoT challenges.

Types of IEC 62443 Certification

While most laboratories tout the IEC 62443 standard, there are several layers to IEC 62443 that need to be addressed. The IEC has published a conformity assessment framework as different types of systems and products will require different variations of the standard to be completed, combined, and verified by a third-party test partner. Below we detail the different types of the certification and how you can benefit from them based on specific product or specific solution (an installed product) needs.

IEC 62443, Types of IEC 62443 Certifications

Your IEC 62443 Partner

Our expertise and efficiency are built into every engagement. We seek to involve you in the process early on and adopt risk mitigating processes whereby non-compliance is identified early, fixes are discussed and planned, testing methodology is defined in advance to allow your teams to ensure our progress is in step with production time frames.

Why Choose Intertek?

Intertek provides tailor-made solutions based on risk factors associated with customer-specific products and systems. Safeguard and protect your customers data, privacy, and security by leveraging Intertek’s expert knowledge with threat tools, techniques, and industry best practices. Intertek’s Cybersecurity team has over 180 staff across 6 laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia. With unparalleled know-how, Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, by experts in the industrial process and cybersecurity space.

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