Cybersecurity for financial institutions, insurers & other professional service industries

Banks, insurers, legal firms and other professional service businesses rely on their reputations for competence, trustworthiness and dependability.

Today, technology is rapidly ‘disrupting’ this sector, with the roll out of new technologies and ways interacting with customers giving greater flexibility and faster service, as well as lower costs. But these new technologies pose significant risks to industries where trust is paramount – a major IT failure could attract huge fines under regulation such as the EU’s GDPR, whilst reputational damage could cause complete business failure.

Intertek’s cybersecurity teams have been trusted for over 20 years by banks, insurers, law firms and other professional service businesses to provide effective, actionable cybersecurity testing, giving clients’ the insight needed to ensure their IT infrastructure and applications are robust.

Sector specific services:

  • Infrastructure penetration testing: in many jurisdictions regulators (such as the Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore) mandate regular penetration testing. Intertek’s teams based in the UK, South East Asia, and North America are accredited to the principal industry standards including CREST, (CCT, CRT and CPSA) and PCI ASV, plus OSCP, COMPTIA Security +, CISSP, GPEN and GWAP. With over 150 experts world-wide, Intertek has the scale to support large multi-nationals who need assurance over their global estate. Learn more about Intertek’s services.
  • ‘Red Teaming’: Building on its experience in ‘traditional’ pen testing and social engineering, Intertek also offers Red Teaming services. This simulates, typically over several weeks a highly sophisticated, well-resourced real world cyber attack. Red Teaming reveals not only infrastructure and software weakness, but also how fast and successfully a client’s internal teams can detect and respond to intruders, providing invaluable preparation against organized cybercrime. Learn more about Intertek’s services.
  • Application penetration testing: web-based applications are proliferating fast, bringing great convenience to customers, and efficiencies to many internal operations. Intertek tests hundreds of web apps for clients each year, providing fast, accurate, effective testing and remediation advice allowing new apps to be launched to schedule. Learn more about Intertek’s services.
  • Staff training: it is well known that most cybersecurity failures occur through social engineering – essentially exploiting human fallibility - as such training staff to resist attacks is vital. However, although organizations spend significant on cybersecurity hardware, software and services, staff training is often relegated to a ‘tick-box’ compliance activity. This is a mistake – without well trained staff, other cybersecurity investment is wasted. Intertek offers highly engaging, effective staff training both on-line and in-person, using powerful, relatable real world examples, often taken from our own work. Learn more about Intertek's services.
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