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Intertek’s cybersecurity awareness training program was built to educate employees and reduce exposure to cybersecurity threats and data breaches, which are all too common in today’s organizational infrastructure. The increasing amount of large scale, publicized breaches has damaging effects on a brand and could be avoided if employees had the proper tools and training for important security topics with accompanying best practices implemented around them. With the average cost of a data breach rising over $3.8M US dollars in 2020* (IBM) and projected numbers continue to trend upward, it is imperative for decision making professionals to invest and manage awareness-based training within their organizations.

Our training platform was designed to educate attendees about information security and how to avoid common human errors in the workplace. Our training is informative, educational, and interactive allowing employees to enjoy their experience and put learning into practice. The module features story-based training rooted in real-world scenarios that affect organizations daily. From phishing and malware attacks to remote learning and password best practices, our module allows custom-tailored programs based on the size and scale of your organization.

Features and Benefits

Cybersecurity Awareness Training
All-in-one dashboard
Administer training with ease and personalize training with specific employee login credentials to watch (rewatch) at their own discretion
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Expertise and Quality Matters
With cybersecurity and software experts in their respective fields, each have over 20+ years’ experience


Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Custom Implementation
Choose between size and/or scale of organization
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Storytelling through interactive video content
Our interactive video content and periodic assessments help topics become informative and memorable

How the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program Work

This program focuses on effective behavioral changes rather than completion. Our modules incorporate engaging and interactive video content, and the offering is flexible depending on the outcome. The program takes approximately 25 minutes to complete per user and incorporates interactive learning elements, periodic knowledge checks, and a final assessment.

“Your training brought a dry subject to life and had the entire company talking about data security - I’m not sure how, but what a turnaround in staff’s thoughts!” – Head of Business Systems, London based commercial organization

Tailored purchase options make it easy to implement. This program allows you to purchase and implement based on what works best for the scale and size of your organization. Two main options include access to the program through an external marketplace (shopify) or purchasing via a SCORM package and upload through your dedicated LMS portal. Alternatively you can purchase this service directly with your Intertek sales contact.

The experts who created the program come from two parts of the Intertek family – NTA and Wisetail. NTA is a UK based cybersecurity company focused on network security consulting, auditing and penetration testing services. Wisetail is a learning and development platform built to promote learning as a path to stronger culture for employees, customers, and partners.

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