Intertek EWA-Canada's design and implementation capabilities are tailorable to the specific needs of government and commercial clients. Our team has experience in the following areas:

  • requirements and analysis studies;
  • options analyses;
  • security architecture design;
  • project management support to ITS-related projects;
  • independent verification and validation support to ITS-related projects;
  • prototype design and development;
  • impact analysis for new software implementations and major configuration changes;
  • ITS system and application specialist implementation support; and
  • ITS training.

Our goal is to help clients seek “system solutions” that rely on a combination of people, processes and technology to define the “right” requirements and ensure delivery of the “right” solution.

A significant challenge lies in development and application of guidelines and standards related to design and implementation of secure IT systems. These guidelines and standards are an integral part of the supporting framework of policies and procedures that help enable IT systems for organizations as well as electronic service delivery of information and services (to reach Canadians). Intertek EWA-Canada's approach to ITS design and engineering includes tailoring traditional development methods to ensure security requirements identified early and integrated into the design criteria during system development.

Intertek EWA-Canada develops security solutions that are based on the broad expertise of our personnel, a strong systems engineering approach, and vendor-neutral selection and implementation of technologies. Our design and implementation approach provides IT security solutions that are:

  • standards-based;
  • able to accommodate future growth and respond efficiently and effectively to changing client requirements;
  • secure, providing assurance of privacy and confidentiality;
  • able to leverage the current asset base; and
  • adaptable to evolving technologies.

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