Intertek EWA-Canada offers the capability to furnish, install, integrate, test and manage a voice security, management, and auditing platform. Intertek EWA-Canada hosts taVoice Firewall solution, that delivers an integrated set of powerful applications to secure, optimize and efficiently manage enterprise voice systems and services.

The service provides a total Voice Management and Security System that provides unique and powerful capabilities to track and report usage, monitor network health and status, and eliminate vulnerabilities and abuse in the telecommunications network.

The Platform Appliances are switch/media-independent, solid-state devices installed on TDM or VoIP trunking between the PBX/IP-PBX and Central Office to continuously monitor, secure, log, and control all inbound and outbound enterprise communications in real-time.

  • In-line appliances monitor and control voice network access and usage.
  • Real-time call-type/CODEC detection at the network edge (voice, FAX, modem, orvideo).
  • Continuous call monitoring with stateful inspection
  • Policy-based operation with real-time alerts (console, email, pager, and SNMP trap).
  • Support for a variety of circuit types (T1, ISDN PRI, European PRI, analog and VoIP)

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