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Intertek is an industry-leading software testing provider with offices & expertise around the world. We provide a competitive, middle-ground solution that includes a full spectrum of software testing services for website, desktop, connected home/car, and mobile devices, and we adhere to numerous testing techniques to meet your needs and keep you informed during every step of your product launch. We act as an extension of your QA team, seamlessly incorporating your processes and tools in our testing protocols.

Mobile App Testing
Identify and prevent software issues before they reach user devices.

Software & App Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing
Run a single test or develop a comprehensive test program with Intertek to identify and prevent software issues before they reach user devices.

Cybersecurity Certification and Testing
Protect your brand and user date with security testing from Intertek which includes penetration testing, forensic analysis, network scanning, user policy, data flow analysis and regression testing.

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Don't know where to start?
Don’t have a test plan or know where start? We’ll plan accordingly for you and your software project. We can review your current test plan, create a new test plan, or customize a new test plan for any of your road blocks.

About Intertek
Intertek has more than 20 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance services. With our vast capabilities and broad expertise, we ensure absolute quality and a high degree of reliability. We have in-house experts and proficient testers with knowledge about your industry, and we equip them with the latest tools to empower our testing process. Additionally, our affordable service packages help in enhancing the delivery standard and improving the efficiency of your product.

Device Compatibility
We conduct tests on various devices to evaluate the application’s performance and potential impact (including battery) on the device.

IoT (Internet of Things) Software Solutions
Your customer expects your software and apps to work flawlessly from the start. We’re prepared to test in the new world of connected devices.

Media & Entertainment Software Testing
Ensure video and audio streams work correctly and load without issue. Reduce lag time and optimize playback for all devices, all platforms, and appropriate for all ages.

Toys Software Testing
We test the software in children’s products and toys to protect children from unnecessary exposure to software malfunctions.

Retail Software Testing
The Retail Industry faces many changes on a daily basis. To ensure success, Intertek can deliver quality assurance testing that covers in store solutions, enterprise management E Commerce, and warehouse management.

Security and OWASP Testing
Our Security and OWASP Testing is focused on finding high and medium risk vulnerabilities rapidly, comprehensively and affordably. Our testing process includes a mandatory threat profile for any custom components. We work with the single-minded goal of finding and closing security holes and delivering a state of cyber resilience.

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