Certification to the Open Group’s Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (OTTPS) or ISO 20243 provides customers assurance that the global supply chain is protected.

The Open Group’s Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard, which is also known as ISO/IEC 20243-1:2018 and ISO/IEC 20243-2:2018, provides a standard against which providers of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services can have their supply chain security program assessed and certified.

Adherence to the standard assures integrity in technology development and helps prevent maliciously tainted and counterfeit products from entering the supply chain. Although there are many national guidelines for the provision of supply chain security, the OTTPS is the only internationally recognized standard with an established certification program.

Intertek EWA-Canada has been involved in the development of the Open Group’s Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard from its early days and is currently on the Open Group’s list of OTTPS Recognized Assessors. No other organization has more experience performing OTTPS assessments than Intertek EWA-Canada.

Intertek EWA-Canada works with you in these areas:

Pre-Assessment Consulting

When embarking on a third-party assessment of supply chain security activities, it can be helpful to give your team the opportunity to discuss the scope and requirements with an experienced assessor prior to assembling a package for assessment. Our experts will explain the process, assist you with determining the scope of the assessment, and will provide you with an understanding of what evidence must be provided, and how it will be assessed. We go through each of the relevant requirements and perform a gap analysis on your team’s readiness for assessment. If time permits, we help you populate the Conformance Statement and the Implementation Selection Criteria Application (ISCA).

Typically, the pre-assessment session is two days in length. Our experts will follow up with a report that notes any gaps between your current processes and documentation and those required for certification. Running this session at the beginning of the certification process can save much time and effort.

OTTPS Assessment

Experienced OTTPS recognized assessors will assess the process and implementation evidence that you supply, providing timely feedback. When all aspects have passed, the assessor submits the Certification Package Document to the Open Group. The assessor remains available to answer any questions that the Open Group certifier might have.

Self-Assessment Consulting

For organizations that have decided to pursue the self-assessment route for OTTPS, our experts can help you determine scope, and prepare the Conformance Statement, ISCA and Certification Package Document.

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