Gauge the ability of your building products to keep the inside in and the outside out

Understand how air, water, wind, and weather can compromise the functionality of a building envelope. Confirming openings in the building exterior are weather tight and structurally sound is critical to maintaining the overall reliability of the structure.

Our expert and customer-oriented staff will provide you with the accurate, unbiased information you need to help you understand your test outcomes and the cause of any failures.

Air, Water, and Structural Testing Fact Sheet

Laboratory Testing
No other lab offers as comprehensive of air/water/structural testing capabilities across North America like Intertek. Determine the rate of air leakage, structural performance, and water penetration of your building materials to ensure they will meet building design, building code, and product certification requirements.

Mock-Up Testing
Validate the design, workmanship, and material selection of your building products to gain approval by architects, designers, and building owners for selection in building construction.

Field Testing
Guarantee your products will stand up to building code and performance requirements and provide assurance to building owners, consultants, and contractors.

North American Capabilities
No other lab offers as comprehensive of air/water/structural testing capabilities across North America like Intertek. With the ability to provide a variety of other complementary services, we are your one solution to get your products to market.

Product Expertise
Throughout our network of accredited labs, we provide testing and certification services for a wide range of products, including:

    Air Barriers - Testing for water penetration resistance and air infiltration/air exfiltration testing before and after pressure cycling sequence.

    Doors, Skylights, Windows - Testing for water penetration resistance and air infiltration/air exfiltration. Additional testing for structural wind loads, hurricane missile impact testing, and tornado testing.

    Roofing Products - Testing for wind uplift testing or roof coverings (like panels, shingles, or single-ply membranes) and the resistance to wind driven rain (for roof covering systems and vents).

    Other Products - For other products, such as siding, metal cladding panels, EIFS systems, etc., we test for air leakage, water penetration, and structural wind loads.

ICC 500
Intertek has the widest network of laboratories accredited for ICC 500 testing in North America, allowing those in the industry to have their products tested with the greatest speed and efficiency. Any number of our accredited labs can help manufacturers in their quest for compliance. Manufactures who work with Intertek can be assured of their products being tested to the latest standards, providing peace of mind that they will be able to enter the desired markets.

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Standard Test Methods

  • AAMA 101, 501, 502, 503, 508, 509
  • ASTM C1601, D4541, D5206, E72, E283, E330, E331, E488, E547, E783, E1105, E1186, E1886, E1996, E2357, F588, F1592
  • FM 4473, 4474
  • NFRC 400
  • TAS 100, 100(A), 125, 201, 202, 203
  • UL 580, 1897, 2218

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