Air, Water & Structural Laboratory Testing

Measure the air, water, and structural outcomes of extreme conditions on your building products

Assure your customers that your products and materials will withstand the forces of nature. From a light drizzle to a full-on hurricane, you can be sure that your tested products are up to the challenge.

Take advantage of our widespread experience and varied capabilities across North America by testing to AAMA, ASTM, FM, NAFS, TAS, and UL standards. We can also guide you through the steps of product certification, giving your customers added confidence in your products.

Air Leakage
Subject your building materials to a constant air pressure differential to determine the rate of air filtration using a high precision mass flow meter. After factoring in barometric pressure and temperature, the test results will define a pass/fail rating with a maximum allowable air infiltration rate of 0.3 CFM/ft2.

Structural Wind Load
Evaluate your products strength by applying positive and negative air pressure loads and measuring permanent set and deflection readings under ratios established by the standards.

Water Penetration
Expose your fenestration products to differing, simulated storm conditions generated by cyclic and static air pressure. Our transparent wall system allows for easy observation of resistance to water penetration.

Which types of products undergo laboratory testing?

  • Cladding
  • Curtain Wall
  • Doors / Door Frames
  • Finishes / Sealants
  • Glass / Glazing
  • Roofing
  • Weather Barriers
  • Windows / Vents / Skylights

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