Verify your compliance to the nuclear energy industry requirements

Confirm that your product or system meets all regulatory requirements and is ready for installation in a nuclear power plant. From firestop seal penetrations to electrical raceway testing, assure your customers of the superior level of protection of their utilities and personnel your products can offer and your dedication to public and environmental safety.

With three decades of testing experience and industry involvement, we have the expertise you need to ensure compliance to the strict regulatory requirements of the nuclear energy industry.

Our professionals will review the test plan and validate that the proper procedures are followed for safety-related functions and items requiring commercial grade dedication or other pertinent requirements.

From procurement of materials, to fabrication of the test assembly, to running the test, Intertek provides the highest level of service in accordance with all applicable standards.

Our comprehensive test reports capture all details of the test program including quality checks, installation and test procedures and clear data and results reporting to provide valuable documentation of the test program.

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