Regulate the energy performance of your building materials, products, and systems with Thermal Performance Testing, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistance, & More

Obtain Energy Star Compliance, NFRC Certification, or meet any local or federal energy code by utilizing the lab with the industry’s most expansive thermal testing services and most advanced thermal testing chambers.

With our comprehensive capabilities, we can provide technical reports for performance evaluations of materials or components, data collection and statistical analysis, and authoritative advice on general principles that may be affecting your results.

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What is thermal performance?

Thermal Transmission (U-Factor)
Determine the rate of heat transfer through your product or system.

Thermal Resistance (R-Factor)
Understand your product or system’s resistance to heat transfer.

Thermal Conductivity (k-Value)
Obtain data on the transmission of heat through your material.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
Measure the transmission of the sun’s heat through your material, product or system.

Visible Transmittance (VT or VTL)
Detect the level of transmission of the sun’s light through your material, product or system.

Condensation Resistance (CRF)
Test your system for the potential occurrence of condensation on the interior.

Temperature Cycling
Subject your product to accelerated weathering/ageing or extreme conditions.

Which types of products benefit from thermal performance testing?

Test Equipment
  • Guarded Hot Box (GHB)
  • Solar Calorimeter (SOL)
  • Large Diameter Integrating Sphere (LDIS)
  • Environmental Chambers (EC)
  • Heat Flow Meters (HFM)
  • Computer Simulation Software (W6 / T6)

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