Scope: This test applicable to both residential and commercial fenestration products.

Applicable Products: Windows, Doors, Skylights, Curtain Walls

Test Procedure: This procedure utilizes computer simulation software to determine overall coefficient of heat transfer (U-Factor), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and Visible Transmittance (VT) including frame and glass elements. Generally, the values are determined using computer simulation methods, however, physical test procedures using the guarded hot box, solar calorimeter and large diameter integrating sphere are also available.

The method also includes calculations for Energy Rating (ER) and an optional test method for Temperature Index (I) using a guarded hot box.

End Result: The U-Factor, SHGC, and VT of the product are determined. These values are important in determining energy consumption caused by fenestration products. This typically is used to certify windows, doors, skylights and curtain walls and/or to qualify for Canadian Energy Star.

Those values can also be used to determine Energy Rating (ER), which provides a measure of annual energy performance.

Condensation performance can also be evaluated with the optional Temperature Index test.

Special Notes: Alternative methods which may be appropriate are NFRC 100, NFRC 102, NFRC 200, AAMA 1503, ASTM C1199, and ASTM C1363.


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