Standard: NFRC 101 – Procedure for Determining Thermophysical Properties of Materials for Use in NFRC-Approved Software

Scope: This test is used to determine relevant thermal properties for materials used in the construction of fenestration products.

Applicable Products: Materials used in the construction of fenestration products.

Test Procedure: This test uses a Heat Flow Meter Apparatus (HFM). The Heat Flow Meter consists of a cold plate and a hot plate which incorporate heat flux transducers for measuring heat flow. The material to be measured is placed between the two plates which are controlled to different temperatures to create a heat flow from hot to cold plate, which is measured by the transducers. The device is calibrated against materials of known thermal conductivity and can be used to measure flat materials in a wide range of thickness and conductivity.

For NFRC 101, the testing is performed at an average temperature of 35ºF.

End Result: The thermal conductivity (k-Value) is determined. This value can be submitted to NFRC for approval. Only approved materials published in the NFRC 101 standard may be used to determine ratings in accordance with ANSI/NFRC 100.

Special Notes: For submission to NFRC, this testing must be performed by an approved laboratory.


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