Verify that your Windows and Skylights will keep building occupants protected from the elements and safe from harm

Ensure your windows and skylights meet building designs, building codes, and product certification requirements. As openings in the building envelope, it is crucial that your products are weather tight and structurally sound upon installation. Give your customers the confidence that their product selection is suitable for their project and will meet performance expectations.

Evaluate the ability of your windows and skylights to resist fire, mitigate human threats, and withstand impact during a natural disaster. From at-risk buildings to structures located in wind borne debris regions, ensure your products meet local, national, or international building codes.

Conduct thermal testing to validate energy efficiency, perform acoustical testing to ensure exterior sound does not penetrate the interior space, or ensure your products minimize air infiltration and water penetration through air, water, and structural testing. With the capability to provide you with complete performance results, we can help you get your products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Windows, Doors, and Skylights in North America: NAFS-22 Webinar

Get Certified!
Whether you’re looking to differentiate your product or meet jurisdictional requirements, partnering with Intertek gives you access to our full suite of testing services, decades of knowledge and experience, and state-of-the -art facilities and equipment.

What types of additional services do we offer?

Test Equipment
  • AWS Wall
  • Reverberation Chambers
  • Guarded Hot Box
  • Impact Cannon
  • Hardware Cycling Equipment
  • Vertical Furnace
Test Equipment
  • Shock Tube
  • Ballistics Range
  • Assault Resistance Apparatus

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Standard Test Methods

  • AAMA 910, 920, 925, 1304
  • ANSI A250.4
  • ASTM C1363, E90, E283, E289, E330, E331, E547, E1886, E1996, F476, F588, F842, F2247
  • NAFS (AAMA / CSA / WDMA) 101/I.S. 2/A440
  • NFRC 100/200/500
  • TAS 201, 202, 203
  • UL 9
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