Mitigate the threat of property damage and loss of life due to fire

Assure your customers that, when installed according to specifications, your fire doors and assemblies meet the expected fire rating. Ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, you can have confidence that your products will meet the minimum requirements necessary to comply with code.

Whether you need your fire doors tested, evaluated or certified to nationally or internationally recognized standards, local building codes, or to demonstrate conformance with neutral and positive pressure test methods, we can assist you quickly and efficiently. With research, mid, and full-scale furnaces in each of our fire door testing labs, we can handle virtually any size fire door and frame in all regions of North America.

Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing and Certification
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Warnock Hersey Mark
Display your commitment to product safety, performance, and quality through participation in Intertek’s Building Products Certification Program. With over 6,500 listed products, the Warnock Hersey Mark is North America’s leading product safety and performance mark for fire doors.

Field Labeling
Get the proper labeling required by code and avoid unnecessary removal and replacement of your buildings fire doors. Field labeling may become necessary for a variety of reasons, such as field modifications, doors leaving the factory without labels, incorrect labeling, or labeling that has been painted over or removed. When field labeling services are required, both AHJs, and you as a manufacturer, need to be assured that the body conducting the field labeling service has an in-depth knowledge of the fire doors and frames that they are labeling. The field inspector must have access to the supporting documentation for both the fire door frames and doors that they are labeling to correctly identify and address field modifications and properly re-label the opening protective. Manufacturers work with their certification bodies to ensure that all their opening protectives have been correctly labeled by an accredited third party before being installed, which will help to avoid the risk and liability on the back end that comes with mislabeled products. However, when products are found at the job site that is not correctly labeled, the certification agency has the knowledge to relabel these doors when it is appropriate.

Our vast industry experience, backed by a wealth of accreditations, allows us to test to a variety of national and international hardware standards including those published by ASTM, BHMA, CAN/ULC, CSFM, Dade County, FM, HUD, TDI, UBC, UL, WDMA.

Introduction to NFPA 80, the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, was established to set national standards for the installation and maintenance of assemblies used to protect openings in walls, floors, and ceilings that prevent or slow the spread of fire and smoke from the fire’s origin to adjacent rooms or to the interior or exterior of the building. NFPA 80 also provides guidance to Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that can assist in the determination of whether a product in the field meets the requirements outlined in the standard. Manufacturers, facility managers, installers, inspectors, and AHJs frequently reference this document due to the understanding that opening protectives are a vital aspect of fire protection and therefore, critical to maintaining the safety of building occupants

Engineering Consulting & Commissioning Services
Between building codes, fire prevention codes, and the Life Safety Code® (NFPA 101), ensuring your enclosure is compliant can be a daunting task. With over 30 years of experience, our fire protection personnel can partner with you to conduct an engineering study of the project, evaluate architectural designs, and identify and manage special hazards found in the built environment.

The Intertek Solution:
Ensuring your products are tested, certified, and labeled according to regulatory requirements is vital to the success of your business. Working with Intertek aligns you with a partner with the history, expertise, and industry involvement to meet all your needs for certifying and labeling your opening protectives.

As a recognized leader in Building & Construction Product Certification, we provide our clients the means to show compliance with industry requirements with the speed and efficiency to differentiate their products in the marketplace. Our Certification Department can help product manufacturers or machiners of Intertek Certified Products establish these new requirements.

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Standard Test Methods

  • Neutral Pressure
    CAN/ULC S104
    NFPA 252
    UBC 7-2 (1994)
    UL 10B
  • Positive Pressure
    NFPA 252
    UBC 7-2 Part 1 (1997)
    UL 10C
  • International Standards
    BS 476
    EN 1634-1
    ISO 3008

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