Intertek's Fire Extinguisher Recharge Locations Program (FERL) is a trusted third-party verification initiative designed to ensure that fire extinguisher shops adhere to the highest safety standards, specifically NFPA 10 and CAN/ULC S532 Standards, in full compliance with National and Provincial Fire Codes.

To become part of Intertek's FERL program, shops need to meet the minimum requirements (outlined below) and become registered as Intertek verified shops. Once the minimum requirements are met, an Intertek representative, certified in NFPA 10, will conduct the Initial Factory Assessment (IFA). Upon successful completion of the IFA and verification of compliance with Intertek's requirements, the shop will officially join the FERL program. Subsequently, the shop will undergo two semi-annual inspections to maintain continuous compliance.

By joining Intertek's FERL program, fire extinguisher shops demonstrate their commitment to accountability to their clients and local AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction). This commitment assures customers that they receive the highest quality products and services, thereby reducing the risk of inoperable fire extinguishers during emergencies. Intertek takes pride in keeping clients updated on the latest industry standards and code changes that affect the fire extinguisher industry. If a shop faces compliance issues with AHJs, Intertek FERL inspectors are also available to offer advice on fire extinguisher code matters.

The Intertek FERL program necessitates the ability to perform a minimum set of services, which includes:

Certification/Registration as a company (GST registered).

Proficiency in performing recognized services, such as:

  1. Annual Inspections
  2. Recharging capability
  3. Serviceable repairs of portable extinguisher devices
  4. 6-Year tear downs of portable extinguisher devices

While Intertek's FERL program acknowledges that certain services may be outsourced to third parties, the following services remain in compliance with NFPA 10 standards:

  1. Both low- and high-pressure hydro testing (high-pressure hydro testing must comply with Transport Canada standards).
  2. CO2 recharging
  3. Recharging of halogenated product equipment and/or clean agent products.

Intertek is dedicated to delivering a high-level compliance standard of verification and working with customers who share the same commitment to providing high level products and services.

For any questions or inquiries about our program and services, please do not hesitate to contact:

L. Pat Purnell Program Manager,
Fire Extinguisher Recharge Location (FERL)
Email: Phone: 1-403-877-0586

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