Building Sciences Services & Capabilities

A suite of capabilities designed to save you time and money

Save time and money by gaining immediate access to a knowledge base and in-house testing capabilities. As a tester and certifier of building products, components, and assemblies we provide a unique perspective on your project. Our breadth of capabilities—both in building sciences and upstream—combined with the industry’s largest domestic and global footprint, gives us the advantage when tackling both the known and unknowns of any project and helps streamline services.

Noise, Acoustic and Vibration 
Understand how open spaces, wall placement, and other design aspects of your building will affect the acoustical and vibrational performance experienced by your buildings occupants.

Building Enclosure Commissioning
Meet and exceed the complex building performance requirements of your building through building enclosure commissioning.

Field Testing
You have contract obligations to meet and little time to meet them. Reduce the risk with your curtain wall and fenestration products with on-site testing.

Fire Protection
Mitigate the risk of fire and smoke damage to your building and ensure the safety of the people inside by working with our team of highly experienced fire protection personnel to design, consult, commission, inspect, and test your fire protection systems.

Forensic Services
Gain an expert opinion that is driven by objective observation when water leakage, condensation, or other problems occur and an investigation is needed.

Insurance Services
The Intertek Building Science Solutions Insurance Services group understands the importance of having the right expert for your case.

Modular Building Solutions
Third-Party Inspection and Plan Review (United States) and Certification Body (Canada - CSA) for factory-built structures, recreational vehicles and modular components.

Performance Mock Up
With so much riding on the performance of your curtain wall, it makes sense to build a mock-up to determine its performance. See what Intertek can provide and why we are the industry leader for mock-up performance testing.

Whole Building Air Barrier Testing
Increase the performance and energy efficiency of your building by reducing its air leakage and making it more air tight.


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