Threat Resistance Testing – Ballistics, Blast, and Forced Entry Resistance

Minimize risk to human safety by conducting Threat Resistance Testing on your building products

Defend against all types of potential attacks and learn how your building materials react in the event of potential destruction.

As one of five labs approved by the Department of State for Forced Entry and Ballistics Resistance, our Security Research Center has everything you need to guarantee the safety and security of your building products.

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Ballistic Resistance Testing
Determine the level of bullet resistance of your glazing, windows, or doors using our indoor ballistic range and 10 interchangeable barrels. We deliver a full range of ballistic testing services to support your needs. Our services support commercial industries as well as the activities and programs for branches of the U.S. military. From materials testing to environmental performance, our extensive ballistic resistance evaluation services provide the assurance you need to capture new markets and deliver peace of mind to your customers.

Blast Testing
Protect against flying and falling glass and related shrapnel. Since 75% of damage and injury from a blast is due to airborne debris, building codes continue to require higher levels of blast resistance.

Arena Blast Testing
Determine your product’s blast resistance rating through High Explosive (HE) charge testing performed in our open air arena in Plano, Texas.

Forced Entry Resistance (FER) Testing
Confirm your products keep people safe from all manner of external threats, such as potential terrorist activity and other acts of violence. The Concentrated Assault Test (SD-STD-01.01 or ASTM F3038) gauges a product’s ability to withstand simulated breaking and entering. It is conducted by a team of 6 men using various tools in an attempt to penetrate your system.

Which types of products benefit from Assault Resistance testing?

Ballistic Test Equipment

  • Universal Receiver with Assorted Barrels
  • Chronograph with Infrared Ballistic Screens

Blast Test Equipment

  • Pneumatic Shock Tube
  • High Speed Cameras
  • DAQ Systems
  • Explosive Shock Tube (Arena Blast)
  • Single Span Chambers (Arena Blast)
  • Twin Span Chamber (Arena Blast)
  • Concrete Chamber (Arena Blast)

Forced Entry Resistance Test Equipment

  • Tools and Active Personnel (age and weight requirement)

Demonstrating your products and systems comply with code allows for more widespread market access and industry acceptance. The recognition of the ETL Mark and Warnock-Hersey Mark by AHJ’s and Project Leaders can give your product the differentiating factor it needs to succeed.


Test Equipment

  • Pneumatic Shock Tube
  • Explosive Shock Tube
  • High Speed Cameras
  • Daq Systems
  • Single Span Chambers
  • Twin Span Chamber
  • Concrete Chamber

Test Equipment

  • Universal Receiver with Assorted Barrels
  • Chronograph with Infrared Ballistic Screens
  • Tools and Active Personnel

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