Standard: ASTM F2927 – Standard Test Method for Door Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings

Certification Required: (None)

Scope: Per ASTM F2927, "This test method identifies the standard procedures that shall be followed when utilizing either a shock tube or a controlled open-air explosion to evaluate the blast capacity of a door system."

Applicable Products: Various types of swinging doors, including single and double doors construction, complete door assemblies, and door panels (including glazing systems). The method may also be adapted to horizontal sliding and vertical-lift doors.

Test Procedure: Per ASTM F2927, "This method is intended to test the blast capacity of a door assembly from a shock wave. It does not attempt to address all testing required of door assemblies…. The door shall be evaluated using the five (5) Door Response Damage Categories defined in section 1.3 and Table 1. For doors equipped with a vision lite, the glazing and glazing system of the door lite will also be evaluated using the six (6) hazard rating system defined in section 1.5 and Table 2."

End Result: The Damage Category that the door assembly receives is based upon the severity of the deformation and hardware component damage resulting from the airblast test.

Special Notes: (None)

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