Standard: ASTM F1642 – Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings

Certification Required: (None)

Scope: Per ASTM F1642, "This test method sets forth procedures for the evaluation of hazards of glazing or glazing systems against airblast loadings. The specifying authority shall provide the airblast loading parameters.” "This test method provides a structured procedure to establish the hazard rating of glazing and glazing systems subjected to an airblast loading. Knowing the hazard rating provides the ability to assess the risk of personal injury and facility damage.”

Applicable Products: Glazing, glazing systems, and glazing retrofit systems including, but not limited to, those fabricated from glass, plastic, glass-clad plastics, laminated glass, glass/plastic glazing materials, and film-backed glass. Standard allows for specimens to be tested with or without framing systems.

Test Procedure: The test specimen is loaded into a test frame and a shock tube is used to generate the desired peak pressure and the positive phase impulse on the test specimen. Two pressure transducers installed on the test frame and one on the sidewall define the anticipated pressure and are connected to the Data Acquisition System (DAS), which records the data.

End Result: The test results establish the hazard rating of the test specimen.

Special Notes: (None)

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