Certification Required: Manufacturers may find it beneficial to obtain an Intertek certification (ETL Mark) to provide third-party assurance of their material's performance characteristics.

Scope: Per UL 752, this test method is conducted to determine whether "…protection is provided against complete penetration, passage of fragments of projectiles, or spalling (fragmentation) of the protective material to the degree that injury would be caused to a person standing directly behind the bullet-resisting barrier."

Applicable Products: Materials, devices, and fixtures, as well as building components and electrically-operated equipment, used to form bullet-resisting barriers which protect against robbery, holdup, or armed attack.

Test Procedure: Per UL 752, "…the velocity of the projectile is to be recorded and is to be not more than 110 percent of the minimum velocity rating of the ammunition used. See Table 3.1 (Ratings of bullet-resisting materials) for the minimum velocity ratings of each type of ammunition used for test purposes…. A laboratory weapons system with interchangeable test barrels or a commercially available weapon shall be used to fire the ammunition specified in Table 3.1 [from a distance of 15 feet]."

End Result: Per UL 752, "…there shall be no penetration of the projectile through the test sample, and there shall be no spalling of material on the protected side of the test sample to the extent that fragments embed into or damage the cardboard indicators. There shall be no opening of sufficient size to permit insertion of the muzzle of a standard weapon designed to use the ammunition used for the test completely through the sample."

Special Notes: (None)

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