Standard: ASTM F1233 – Standard Test Method for Security Glazing Materials and Systems

Scope: The method sets forth procedures in which the primary purpose is limited to evaluation of the resistance of security glazing materials and systems against ballistic and forced entry attack.

Applicable Products: Laminated glazing

Test Procedure: The ballistic attack provides a range of different ammunitions that a product can be tested to in order to establish a Class based on handgun (HG), submachine-gun (SMG), rifle (R) and shotgun (SH). Physical attack uses a sequential order of hand tools (blunt and sharp), thermal stress tools (fire extinguisher and propane torch), and exposure to chemicals (gasoline and acetone) to establish a Class rating for the product based on forced entry.

End Result: The pass criteria for the contraband is any penetration of the glazing material that allows the passage of a 1/8 in diameter solid shape. The pass criteria for the body passage is any opening in the glazing that is sufficient to allow an 8 in by 8 in by 5 in solid uncompressible rectangular object to freely pass through.

Intertek Testing Locations: York, PA


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