Determine the level of fire resistance and energy efficiency of your materials with comprehensive Insulation Testing

Ensure building code compliance by verifying the fire resistance and fire reaction properties of your products. You want to be sure you are manufacturing products of high and consistent quality, so let us help you simplify the testing and certification process.

Seal & Insulate with ENERGY STAR

Intertek is recognized by the EPA as a certification body for the Seal & Insulate program. Manufacturers wishing to participate in the Seal & Insulate program can use Intertek as their certification body when applying to the EPA.


  • Test reports from an accredited testing laboratory for ASTM E84-18b (or later) and ASTM C518-21
  • A quality control program with a minimum of two inspections per year
  • Installation instructions meeting the EPA guidelines
  • Participants in the program may have either a separate listing specifically for Seal & Insulate or, for those manufacturers with Intertek Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRRs), a supplement to the CCRR.

Performance Testing
Validate your products thermal resistance, air infiltration, air/vapor permeability and acoustical performance all in one place.

Environmental Certification
Gain confidence in the accuracy of your environmental claims. From the initial test plan through quarterly audits, we will work with you every step of the way.

Product Certification
Prove your commitment to safety and quality by obtaining certification for your insulation products. With our expansive breadth of services, we can offer you what you need.

What types of insulation do we test?

  • Blanket
  • Blown-In
  • Expanded & Extruded Polystyrene
  • Fiber
  • Insulating Panels
  • Mineral Wool
  • Organic
  • Pipe Wrap
  • Polyiso
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam

What types of additional services do we offer?

Test Equipment
  • Acoustic Reverberation Chambers
  • A/W/S Wall
  • Guarded Hot Box
  • Heat Flow Meters
  • ISMA
  • Large Scale Furnaces

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