Intertek tests and certifies hearth products for safety, performance and energy efficiency standards

When it comes to your hearth product, you want a partner who has the capabilities to get you to market efficiently and effectively. From wood burning appliances to gas-fired heaters, Intertek has the expertise and capabilities you need from your testing, inspection, and certification partner. With a full suite of emissions, safety, and performance testing throughout the US and Canada, and the industry’s most recognized certification marks, Intertek is the one solution you need to get your products to your desired market.

Latest on the EPA’s NSPS affecting Hearth Products

In February 2015, the EPA published its final rule regarding the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for Residential Wood Heaters. The effective date of the new rule is May of 2020 — manufacturers of wood stoves, pellet-burning room heaters, single burn rate stoves and hydronic heaters will not be allowed to produce new appliances unless they meet the Step 2 requirements.

Hearth Products Certification

Ensuring that appropriate product certification marks appear on your product will help you reach your target market without delay. Once your product has proven to be in compliance, your product is eligible to bear one of Intertek's recognized certification marks. By utilizing the Building Products Certification Services, you are showing your commitment to product safety and quality to inspectors, builders, and end-users. Additionally, Intertek partners with customers to develop ongoing compliance testing programs to ensure that new product components do not compromise the quality and performance of your product.

Types of Hearth Products

  • Chimney systems and other accessories
  • Factory built fireplaces
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Gas grills and barbecue appliances
  • Solid fuel burning appliances including biomass appliances
  • Solid fuel burning stoves, boilers and fireplaces
  • Wood, gas, corn and wood pellet-fired stoves and appliances
  • Limited Production or Field Safety Testing of wood and gas appliances that are not currently certified

Hearth Products Safety & Performance Testing

With a full suite of testing capabilities in Canada and the US and two of the industry’s leading certification marks, Intertek can help you meet any North American performance or conformity requirement. As a long-time partner to the industry, Intertek has the expertise and capabilities to be the one solution you need for safety & performance testing.

Emissions Testing

Increasing regulations by national, state, and local governments are requiring third party testing to show compliance to emission standards. With the ability to test to EPA (including the latest New Source Performance Standards) and other emission standards in multiple labs across the US and Canada, Intertek has the ability to partner with you to help you navigate through and meet the complexities of these standards.


From complete testing and certification to post-product introduction testing, we’ll help you identify the options and alternatives that are right for you. Utilizing our global network of labs, Intertek tests and certifies your products to meet European and North American codes and standards, including ISO, ANSI/UL, ASTM, CSA, EPA, ULC, NFPA and ICC. We hold accreditations from the world's leading accreditation bodies, including IAS, A2LA, OSHA, and the Standards Council of Canada.

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