Test and certify your doors and frames, hardware, and windows with the industry’s leader

Test and certify your product solution with the openings industry leader. Whether you need your product tested, evaluated, or certified to national or international standards or building codes, Intertek is your lab of choice.  We have a complete range of testing methods and capabilities that will ensure your products can get to market quickly and efficiently.

Door Hardware Testing
Complete testing and certification services for all your hardware needs including locks, hinges, latches, closers, and exit devices.

Field Labeling of Fire Doors
Get the proper labeling required by code and avoid unnecessary removal and replacement of your buildings’ fire doors.

Fire Door Testing
Have your metal or wood-based fire door tested from 20 minutes to 3 hours with the industry’s lab of choice for fire door testing.

Locks and Access Control Equipment Testing
Meet all the testing and certification requirements including fire testing, BHMA, UL 294, and electrical testing.

VOC Emission Certification
Download our fact sheet for doors, frames, and hardware certifying doors to Intertek’s clean air gold sustainability program

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