View an Intertek Research Report and have confidence that a product or material complies with building codes

Code evaluation reports are an essential tool for AHJs who are charged with enforcing building regulations and for designers, engineers and specifiers who want independent verification of code compliance.

Intertek has expanded its Code Evaluation Services Program and now issues Intertek Research Reports (IRR) to provide clients with the following:

  • An objective and independent evaluation of a manufacturer’s product or system with the requirements of the applicable building codes.
  • Evidence of listing when required by the code.
  • Evidence of evaluation to code, code-referenced standards and acceptance criteria approved by the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee.
  • Information presented in an industry-standard format.

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For more information, read our white paper, The Evolving Code Evaluation Process, written by Mike Beaton, P.E., Director of Product Evaluations at Intertek.

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