Validate the design and material selection of your deck, fence, and/or rail systems

Determine how your deck, fence, and rail systems will stand up to mother nature and general wear and tear by conducting weathering and durability testing.  Whether your products are designed for residential or commercial installation, you need to ensure  they will maintain a superior level of safety and quality.

With multiple labs located in the US and Canada that have the knowledge and capabilities to test and certify your products for safety and performance test methods as established by AAMA, ASTM, SPRI, Miami-Dade, CCMC Technical Guides, and ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Building Code Compliance, you can rest assured you’ve chosen the right partner.

Deck and Handrail Quality Assurance Program
Ensure continual compliance and that your materials and systems meet or exceed ICC-ES AC174 requirements as specified by the International Code Council (ICC).

Safety Testing
Gain confidence by testing your building products or systems to the most applicable ICC-ES acceptance criteria, building code requirements, or other test standards.

Performance Testing
Understand how intended and unintended use can affect the physical properties and durability of your residential or commercial building products.

Retail Testing
Meet customer expectations by ensuring the performance testing of your inventive product or construction method results in satisfactory outcomes and building code compliance.

Qualify your products for industry-recognized certification programs. With more experience in the composite deck and rail industry than any other certification body, we can guarantee we have the expertise you need.

What types of additional services do we offer?

Test Equipment
  • Rail Loading Apparatus
  • Universal Test Loader
  • Weathering Chambers
  • Steiner Tunnel
  • WOLF

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    Standard Test Methods

    • ASTM D790, D1761, D2394, D2565, D6109, D7031, D7032, E661, E935, E985, E2353, E2358, F1679, F2408
    • CCMC Technical Guides
      PVC Guard Systems, Cellulosic/Polymer Composite Exterior Decking
    • ICC-ES AC109, AC174, AC273, AC439
    • Miami Dade

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