Ensure your roofing products will stay put and keep building occupants safe and dry

Develop an understanding of all performance and safety aspects of your roofing components and assemblies. From roof covering materials, solar panels and underlayment products to wind driven rain, flame spread, acoustical and uplift testing, our complete suite of capabilities is exactly what you need.

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With the right partner, you can easily navigate through the intricacies of building codes, coastal and high velocity hurricane zone requirements and state and local jurisdictions. Whether you specialize in low slope, steep slope or flat roof manufacturing for the commercial or residential markets, by leveraging our expertise in safety and performance testing and certification, together, we can get your products to market faster and more efficiently.

Get Certified!

Differentiate your products by showing building code compliance and obtaining product certification. Between our industry recognized marks, accreditations, Code Compliance Research Reports and Evaluation Services, we’ve got you covered.

What types of additional services do we offer?

Test Equipment
  • ASTM E108 Apparatus
  • A/W/S Wall
  • 12’ x 24’ Uplift Chamber
  • 10’ x 10’ Uplift Chamber
  • Field Roof Uplift Chamber
  • Hail Impact Cannon
    Test Equipment
    • Universal Test Loader
    • Accelerated Aging Chambers
    • Wind Driven Rain Apparatus
    • Steiner Tunnel
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      Standard Test Methods

      ASTM B117, C423, C518, C1153, C1363, C1371, C1549, D751, D1005, D1435, D2244, D2565, D3161, D4329, D5957, D6381, D7158, D8257, E84, E90, E108, E331, E445, E492, E695, E903, E907, E966, E1186, E1354, E1592, E1646, E1680, E1918, E1980, E2140, E2322, G154, G155
      FM 1-52, 4450, 4470, 4471, 4473, 4474
      ISO 140-18
      NFPA 255, 256
      NFRC 201
      SSTD 11-99
      SPRI ES-1 and GD-1
      TAS 100, 100A, 101, 102, 102A, 103, 112, 114, 124, 125, 131, 201, 202, 203
      UL 580, 723, 790, 1703, 1897, 2218, 2390
      CRRC -1 TM#1

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      The Directory of Roof Assemblies (DORA) is a web application database of low slope roof systems tested in accordance with standards referenced in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code (IBC). This service has been developed to be a reference source easily used by owners, design professionals, roof consultants, code officials and other users.
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