Standard: ASTM E1592-05(2012): Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Sheet Metal Roof and Siding Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

Scope:  This test method evaluates standing seam, trapezoidal, ribbed or corrugated metal panels in regards to uniform pressure applied to single-skin construction or a single metal layer of multiple-skin construction.  This evaluation does not cover the requirements to evaluate load-sharing in regards to composite or multiple layer assemblies.

Applicable Products:  Metal sheet roofing or siding products

Test Procedure:  A load deflection curve is determined by running increasing pressures in at least 6 increments held for a duration of 1 minute.  After each test load, the pressure is brought back to zero to determine what, if any, permanent deformation was incurred in the system.

End Result:  Loading the unit in this method will provide results for both yield strength and ultimate load for the particular configuration of attachment vs the thickness of the metal skin.  A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.

Special Notes:  Unlike some tests, a caveat exists in this standard that if an initial failure leaves the majority of the test specimen intact, external support can be added to the location of the failure in order to continue the test to gain additional data.

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