Standard: ANSI FM 4474 -2004 (R2010) - American National Standard for Evaluating the Simulated Wind Uplift Resistance of Roof Assemblies Using Static Positive and/or Negative Differential Pressures.

Scope:  This test evaluates simulated wind uplift resistance of complete roof assemblies by using static pressure differentials.

 Applicable Products:  Standing seam metal roofing, lap seal metal roofing, hot-mopped or build up assemblies and single-ply membranes.  This standard is NOT intended for loose-laid or ballasted systems.

Test Procedure:  Several simulated uplift tests are prescribed depending on the assembly. Whether it’s a simulated 2ft x 2ft pull test, or a 5ft x 9ft or 12ft x 24ft pressure uplift test, the tests are run to failure in 15psf increments, with each increment held for a duration of 60 seconds.

End Result:  A comprehensive test report will be issued following the conclusion of the test.

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