Standard: UL 1897 – Standard for Safety, Uplift Tests for Roof Covering Systems

Scope: This test is applicable to a variety of residential and commercial roof covering systems and their method of attachment.

Applicable Products: Metal and composite shingles, single-ply membranes, standing seam metal roof coverings, and even BUR (build-up roof) applications.

Test Procedure: The test is regulated by incrementally raising the uplift static pressure of the roofing system test assembly by 15psf (0.72kPa) and holding for 1 minute. The incremental increase of uplift pressure shall not be greater than 15psf (0.72kPa), and held for no less than 1 minute. All pertinent vertical movement of the assembly is recorded.

End Result: Typically this test is run to failure, which will provide information about adhesion loss, fastener pullout, and metal fatigue at specific wind uplift pressures. A comprehensive test report will be issued at the completion of the test.

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