Field Labeling of Fire Doors

Field Evaluations to Nationally Recognized Standards and Local Building Codes

Field Evaluation Process

Older openings, including doors, windows, and frames, are usually not labeled, and therefore are not fire rated and most likely need to be replaced. To reduce this burden, Intertek’s Field Labeling service includes a comprehensive review of all openings in question.

If a client proposes a modification, Intertek can review it for consideration through evaluation or possibly testing. Once the opening has been modified as needed, Intertek’s Warnock Hersey (WH-ETL) Mark is applied, indicating compliance with building and fire code requirements.

This valuable service may provide significant savings by avoiding the extensive costs involved with a complete tear-out and replacement of existing components and door assemblies.

The Intertek Solution

Standard field labeling (i.e. missing labels but no modifications made to products in the field) generally requires that Intertek perform a basic field inspection. 

If modifications are made to a door and/or frame in the field, then Intertek will typically address through evaluation (engineering analysis) or testing. 

When an Intertek engineer conducts field labeling on a fire door, they are relying on a wealth of knowledge of that door and an in-depth understanding of every aspect of -fire doors.  Intertek’s field evaluation process provides a broad review of all openings within a building, saving time and additional expense for clients.

Working with Intertek aligns you with a partner with the history, expertise, and industry involvement to meet all of your needs for certifying and labeling your doors and frames.

Partnering with Intertek brings you a team that can certify doors in their entirety and critically apply engineering judgements based on an extensive knowledge of testing in a quick and efficient manner.

If your already-installed fire doors are missing a proper certification mark, Intertek’s field labeling services can help you avoid removal and replacement of unlabeled openings. We offer the following services to assist you:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of all components in question
  • Provide you with a written deficiencies report
  • Offer support for modifications and corrections
  • Provide re-inspection services
  • Apply the Warnock Hersey fire-rating label (when appropriate)

Intertek’s Warnock Hersey Mark has long been one of the industry’s most recognizable marks and is found on a variety of products including fire doors. This mark is widely recognized throughout the industry, appearing on fire doors found in North America and beyond.

As one of the industry’s preferred marks for fire doors, it provides Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) the confidence they need to approve a fire door.

In 2013, Intertek introduced the next evolution of the Warnock Hersey mark.  The new mark combined the ETL Mark with the traditional Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark to leverage the fire-safety strength of the WH Mark with the electrical-safety strength of the ETL Mark.

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