Field Labeling of Fire Doors

Field Evaluations to Nationally Recognized Standards and Local Building Codes

While most may not give it much thought; doors, frames, and their hardware are critical components of safety within a building. Your customers want to be assured that in the event of a fire; the building’s opening protectives will meet the minimum requirements established by building codes and keep occupants safe from harm.

When entering into the process of certifying and labeling their opening protectives, there are a number of questions that manufacturers should ask themselves: Are my products being tested and certified to the latest standards? Will I be able to enter the desired markets? What happens if an opening protective needs modifications once in the field?

Field Evaluation Process

Field labeling may become necessary for a variety of reasons, such as field modifications, doors leaving the factory without labels, incorrect labeling, or labeling that has been painted over or removed. When field labeling services are required, both AHJs and manufacturers need to be assured that the body conducting the field label-ing service has an in depth knowledge of the doors and frames that they are labeling according to NFPA 80 – 2019 Edition. Therefore NFPA 80 now requires field labeling to be performed by the listing agency.

Remote Pre inspections for NFPA80 / 101


If a client proposes a modification, we can review it for consideration through evaluation or possibly testing. Once the opening has been modified as needed, Intertek’s Warnock Hersey (WH-ETL) Mark is applied, indicating compliance with building and fire code requirements.

This valuable service may provide significant savings by avoiding the extensive costs involved with a complete tear-out and replacement of existing components and door assemblies.

Our team of experts can critically apply engineering judgements based on an extensive knowledge of both product performance and testing and work with you every step of the way.

Missing the correct certification mark

If your already-installed fire doors are missing a proper certification mark, Intertek’s field labeling services can help you avoid removal and replacement of unlabeled openings.

We offer the following services to assist you:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of all components in question
  • Provide you with a written deficiencies report
  • Offer support for modifications and corrections
  • Provide re-inspection services
  • Apply the Warnock Hersey fire-rating label (when appropriate)

Fire Door Certification:

When having fire doors and frames certified, it is crucial that your certifying body test and evaluate them to the latest applicable standards.  Given that certification to the latest standards is required to enter into certain markets, failure to do so can make it harder to have the products approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

As a manufacturer, you do not want to face a situation where an AHJ rules that your fire door assemblies do not comply with regulatory requirements. In such a case, assemblies cannot be accepted until all non-compliance issues have been addressed, resulting in more time and money spent. Having the most up to date certification and proper labeling on the opening protective components reduces the chance of risk and liability on the back end for the client.

To avoid these types of situations, it is important to work with a certifying body that is actively involved in the industry through participating in standard development, conducting testing, and updating and training clients on the latest regulations.

Manufacturers work with their certification bodies to ensure that all of their opening protectives have been correctly labeled by an accredited third party prior to being installed, which will help to avoid the risk and liability on the back end that comes with mislabeled products. However, when products are found at the jobsite that are not correctly labeled, the certification agency has the knowledge and resources to re-label these doors or frames when it is appropriate.

Intertek’s Warnock Hersey Mark has long been one of the industry’s most recognizable marks and is found on a variety of products including fire doors and frames. This mark is widely recognized throughout the industry, appearing on fire doors and frames found in North America and beyond.

As one of the industry’s preferred marks for fire doors and frames, it provides Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) the confidence they need to approve a fire door or frame.

In 2013, Intertek introduced the next evolution of the Warnock Hersey mark. The new mark combined the ETL Mark with the traditional Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark to leverage the fire-safety strength of the WH Mark with the electrical-safety strength of the ETL Mark.

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